The FAL Group was started by its owner Sheikh Fahad Al-Athel.

In 1978, Sheikh Fahad Mohammed Al-Athel discerned the need for a Saudi hospital management company. He founded General Arabian Medical & Allied Services Ltd. (GAMA) and became its President & Chairman of the Board. He is also the President & Chairman of the Board of FAL Holdings Arabia Co., Ltd. the parent company of GAMA. His MBA degree from the University of Santa Clara enables him to effectively manage several companies and to serve on their Boards of Directors.



As a key player in Saudi Arabia’s rapid development during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, FAL has grown into an international group of companies in the Middle East, North America, Europe and United Arab Emirates with annual revenue in excess of SR 900 million and more than 4,000 employees.

The Group is engaged in a diverse range of activities, with headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In addition to the expansion of its own activities, the FAL Group provides reliable sponsorship and business development capabilities for foreign companies wishing to do business in Saudi Arabia.


•Holding company for principal activities in Saudi Arabia.
•Management of investment portfolios.
•Business development and appraisal.


•Management and operation of public and private hospitals and clinics in Saudi Arabia.
•Majority shareholders in a specialist cardiology hospital in Jordan.
•Management and operation of a leading American dental center in Riyadh.
•Importation and distribution of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia, representing major international manufacturers.
•Manufacture of dialysis concentrates and reagents (clinical chemistry and hematology), blood bags, wound drainage devices and drug delivery bags, and the distribution of these products in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and Arab countries.


•Technical services to the oil and process industries. Saudi Arabia representative for Emerson Process Control products and systems.
 •Design, construction and maintenance of commercial and residential buildings.
•Sales and marketing of process and flow control systems to the oil industry throughout the Middle East.•Worldwide distribution of CarboTechgas separation equipment.
•Production and processing of specialized asphalt for highway and airport runway construction, in partnership with Richard Felsinger of Austria.
•Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of firefighting and security systems and equipments. •Repair and maintenance of military and civilian naval vessels in partnership with Vosper Thornycroft of the U.K.


•Installation and maintenance of mainframe computer systems with service and training support. Distributors for AMHDAL and SUN MICRO SYSTEMS in Saudi Arabia.
•Operation and maintenance of Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications systems in partnership with DEUTSCHE TELEKOM OF GERMANY.
•Operation of GSM of Lebanon
•Operation and maintenance of computer systems for international airports in Saudi Arabia


•The provision of motor vehicle leasing and financing facilities in partnership with FORD CREDIT INTERNATIONAL and a major Saudi bank.


•Field erection of plants and infrastructures; construction of offshore platforms and onshore modularized facilities.
•Owns and operations of Shipyard


•Travel agencies in the 3 main cities of Saudi Arabia, with a General Sales Agency for Saudi Arabian Airlines and provision of package tours for Umrahvisitors.
•A marine recreation and residential resort on the Red Sea with specialist diving and boat charter facilities.
•5-star beach & resort in Abhour Area, Jeddah
•Owns 4-star hotel in Jeddah
•5 star hotel resort complex in Tunisia.
•Operation and management of a fleet of private executive aircraft.
•Development of a regional airport in the South of England.
•Operation and management of Golf Course in U.K.


•Owner and operator of private residential compounds in Saudi Arabia comprising over 800 residential units together with modern sports and recreation facilities.
•Owner and operator of a residential complex in Portland, Oregon.
•Development and Sale of residential and commercial units in Tunisia (MONTAZAH)
•Integrated shopping center and sports complex in Riyadh.
•Development and Sale of residential and commercial land in Makkah.


•Over 17,000 hectares of land in Saudi Arabia devoted to sheep farming, fruit and animal fodder cultivation.


•In addition to its varied commercial activities, the Group has significant investments in a number of banking and industrial companies in Saudi Arabia and internationally.
•It also provides venture capital to a number of start-up and research and development projects in the international medical and high-technology sectors, and is continually examining suitable investment opportunities.


•Canning and food processing.


•Manufacturing of reinforced concrete pipes, manholes, line reinforced concrete pipes and jacking reinforced concrete pipes
•Trading and maintenance of hydraulic pumps, control valves, hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic valves
•Motor vehicle inspection
•Manufacture of 100% polyester textured yarn (normal textured, intermingled, de-torque, etc.) for the local market as well as the USA, Europe and other Arab Countries.


•Providing accredited high education diploma of ICT in education for in-service teachers in the Arab World.

  Executive Officers  

  Hamad Al-Assaf  –  Senior Vice President, CEO, FAL Group

•Mohammed Al-Omair  –  Senior Vice President, Deputy CEO

•Adel Al-Nouti  –  Vice President, Financial Affairs & CEO, Internal Audit

•Homoud Al-Athel  –  Vice President, Admin Affairs & H.R.

•Mohammed Al Muhanna  –  Vice President & Projects Director, Western Region

•Abdulaziz Bagdadi  –  President’s Advisor on Agriculture Affairs

•Basil Shukry  –  Regional Director –Representative of the President for Lebanon Projects

•Zaher Deir –  General Manager, Lydd Airport & Representative of the President for U.K. Projects


  Healthcare Division 

GAMA (General Arabian Medical & Allied Services Ltd.) is a 100 percent Saudi owned hospital management company. Founded in 1978, GAMA has been in the forefront of private health care providers that pioneered the development of health care services in Saudi Arabia. Its trademark is firmly established in the country for providing excellent health care services to thousands of Saudis and expatriates. The total revenue from contracts now exceed over 11 billion Saudi Riyals. GAMA has successfully managed medical facilities, both hospitals and clinics, in several cities throughout the Kingdom.

GAMA is committed in providing quality services to the client, strict adherence to contract standards and specifications, and a professional approach to any endeavor. This philosophy has enabled GAMA to gain new medical operations to manage and retain the patronage of many of its clients over long periods. As a result, GAMA has consistently maintained its position among the leaders in its chosen field of operating and managing health care facilities.

With its strong corporate structure, academic training of its executive and the extensive practical health care experience of its management personnel, GAMA plays a significant role in the Kingdom's health care sector.

AMHSCO Arabian Medical Hospital Supply Co., Ltd. Import and exclusive distribution of medical equipments, consumable supplies and pharmaceuticals as well as provision of comprehensive after sales service.

GAMA Dental Center (GDC) is an American standard dental facility offering the highest quality dental care, backed by a team of well qualified and experienced dental specialists and outfitted with modern state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. The center was opened in October 1985 by Dr. William Fisher, who after living and working in Riyadh for several years, recognized the need for an American style, quality oriented private dental practice, available to everyone. Under his able stewardship, GDC grew and expanded its activities to become a reputed facility providing a wide variety of dental services and is well known and sought after by both the local and expatriate communities. After Dr. Fisher's departure in 2000, GDC is now headed by Dr. Robert Parks, who is as determined to make it a better and more successful enterprise.

ADAMCO (Arabian Diagnostic and Medical Co., Ltd.) is a wholly owned Saudi company established in 1987.ADAMCO manufactures a selective range of Clinical Chemistry reagents for Automated Analyzers as well as for manual Spectrophotometers. In addition, it produces Hematology Reagents for Coulter, Celldyn and Seac Counters, and Hemodialysis/Bicarbonate solutions and powders for hemodialysis treatment. ADAMCO is ISO 9002 and EN 46002 certified and its manufacturing processes strickly adhere to the Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP) standard as required by the W.H.O. and all products pass rigid quality control checks that conform to AAMI/ANSI Standards.

ADAMCO's sales staff is responsible for marketing its products domestically and internationally through distributors. Its products are widely available and used in Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense and Aviation, National Guard, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education; its Hospitals, Research Centers, Private Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories. They are also exported to many GCC countries like U.A.E., Qatar, Oman as well as other Middle Eastern countries.

The production, Quality Control, Administration, Sales/Marketing and Warehousing are covered by 47 highly qualified, skilled and well-motivated staff. They are trained at ADAMCO immediately after hiring and are carefully groomed in every way to ensure perfect efficiency. ADAMCO is guided by the concept that "Quality is a right rather than a Privilege".


OBAGI Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Hospital In early 1999, GAMA acquired a 35% interest in the Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Hospital (Obagi), prominently and conveniently located in central Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The infusion of fresh capital by GAMA, its manpower resources, hospital management experience and expertise was meant to enable the Hospital to expand its operations within the kingdom.

The Obagi system is a revolutionary skin treatment program that restores normal skin functions, perfected by Dr. Zein E. Obagi, one of the leading dermatologists in the world. Although based in the U.S.A., Dr. Obagi makes regular periodic visits to the Riyadh Obagi Hospital to see patients, perform surgical procedures as well as to teach other physicians and reinforce the Hospital's marketing efforts and develop the Hospital in all disciplines. The Obagi Hospital provides the state-of-the-art dermatology (cosmotology) and cosmetic surgery services. The Obagi Center in USA ensures uninterrupted supply of creams & other products required for use at the hospital.

A separate company, Saudi Cosmetic Co., has been formed to promote the sales of Obagi products with pharmacies and dermatologists throughout the kingdom.

Olaya Medical Center (OMC) was established in 1982 as an Out-patient, multi-specialty health center. OMC has been rendering quality health care to most of the prominent business houses and companies in the Kingdom, for almost two decades.

In 1983, GAMA made an investment in OMC and is now one of the major shareholders in its holding company, Ramla Medical Services Co., Ltd.

OMC's medical team comprises of about forty doctors both in the Consultant & Specialist Cadre, with vast experience in their respective fields. To support its medical team and provide smooth patient flow, OMC has a team of one hundred highly trained and dedicated nursing staff. OMC has state-of-the-art medical equipment in all the departments and patient safety is one of its leading priorities. In addition to the routine services, OMC offers many specialized facilities.

Arab Medical Center The absence of proper medical facilities in the Middle East to provide quality cardiac and other special surgery services as well as maternity services often compelled the regional population to travel to Europe and the U.S. for treatment, incurring heavy financial costs. To remedy this shortcoming, in 1990, a group of Arab businessmen committed themselves to the design and construction of a facility to be built to American standards to provide the above services at a cost lower than in western countries. GAMA was invited to participate in the venture as as joint owner.

Inaugurated in late 1994 by His Majesty the late King Hussein of Jordan, AMC is a 141-bed, highly specialized private hospital, equipped to the highest possible standards, including MRI, Cardiac Cath. Lab., CT Scan, awell designed laboratory and complete support facilities. Specializing in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, AMC also perform special surgery, general surgery, gynecology and obstetrics. As a majority shareholder in AMC, GAMA is actively involved in the provision of key medical and administrative personnel for the project .

Astoon Medical Services Co., Ltd.  In 1999, GAMA in a 50/50 partnership with another health care company established a joint venture company known as Astoon Medical Services Co., Ltd., to own or lease health care facilities on a long term basis and manage them jointly. Accordingly, in June 1999, Al-Thomairy General Hospital, 160-bed facility in Al-Khobar, was taken over on lease for a period of twenty years and renamed Astoon Hospital. A few months later, Al Haramain Hospital, a 50-bed facility in Khamis Mushayt, was taken on lease, also for twenty years and renamed Astoon Hospital. Astoon plans to acquire more health care facilities in the near future.

Istiklal Hospital is owned and operated by Al Belad Medical Services Co., which was established in November 1996 by a group of Jordanians with many practicing physicians and other Arab businessmen and investors. Around January 2000, GAMA acquired a significant number of shares in the Company.

Opened in November 2000, the 160-bed Istiklal Hospital, is a general healthcare facility, providing all medical services, including Out-patient Dept., Emergency Dept., Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology and Dermatology. It also has a well-equipped Laboratory, x-ray Dept., Physiotherapy Dept., & the Pharmacy. The Hospital is located in a highly populated area in the center of Amman.

MADAC MADAC Blood Bag Factory Manufacturer of blood bags, wound drainage devices and drug delivery bags